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The Buzz on Bees: A Video Series

The Buzz on Bees: A Video Series

Introducing Julia Common – Fairmont Waterfront’s chief beekeeper and co-founder of Hives for Humanity. In this weekly video series discover what bees do, basic bee-keeping skills, foods found in the hive and what you can do from home for these magical and integral creatures.

Beekeepers working

Buzz on Bees: EPisode 1

The Buzz on Bees – Beekeepers, Tools + Caste Systems

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Beekeeper holding bee frame

Buzz on Bees: episode 4

Yass Queen! The Importance of Protecting the Queen Bee

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Bee keepers with bee frames

Buzz on Bees: episode 7

Shake it up! – Methods for Clearing a Frame of Bees

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Bee on Flower

Buzz on Bees: episode 10

She Works Hard for the Honey – The World of the Worker Bee

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Beekeeper Julia Common speaking

Buzz on Bees: Episode 2

Up in Smoke – The Art of Lighting a Smoker

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Beekeeper with frames

Buzz on Bees: Episode 5

Long Live the Queen. An introduction to the Queen Bee

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Bee Hotel

Buzz on Bees: Episode 8

Give Bees a Chance – The Importance of the Solitary Bee

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Close up of a bee on honeycomb

Buzz on Bees: episode 3

Location, Location, Location – Where to Place Your Hive

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Bee keepers working with frames

Buzz on bees: episode 6

Winter is Coming. Preparing the bees for winter months

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Chef and Beekeeper tasting food

Buzz on bees: episode 9

How Sweet It Is – Food from the Hive

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