Spotlight on Kendall Gender – Fairmont Pacific Northwest’s Pride Ambassador

Spotlight on Kendall Gender – Fairmont Pacific Northwest’s Pride Ambassador

This August, as Vancouver takes center stage for Pride, all eyes are on one remarkable individual who embodies inclusivity, diversity, and love. Meet Kendall Gender, an extraordinary queen whose star has risen to new heights as a beacon of empowerment and acceptance. This summer, we shine the spotlight on Kendall Gender, Fairmont Hotels Pacific Northwest’s Pride Ambassador for 6 years running, as we celebrate her accomplishments on Canada’s Drag Race and her influential role as the Vancouver Pride Ambassador.

A Champion of Equality: Kendall Gender’s Impact on the Drag Scene

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the runway, Kendall Gender – also known as Kenneth Wyse – is a fierce advocate for equality and acceptance. She co-created a show called Visible in 2017 to give racially diverse drag artists a platform to call their own.

Her journey on Canada’s Drag Race has inspired countless individuals, demonstrating the power of representation in the media and the importance of celebrating diverse identities.

The Rise to Stardom: Kendall Gender on Canada’s Drag Race

After years as one of Vancouver’s most beloved drag queens, Kendall Gender burst onto the international drag scene as a contestant on Canada’s Drag Race. Capturing the hearts of viewers with her mesmerizing performances, impeccable fashion, and infectious personality. From the very beginning, Kendall proved to be a force to be reckoned with, dazzling both the judges and the audience alike. Her journey on the show was not only a testament to her artistry but also a platform to advocate for visibility.

The Face of Vancouver Pride: Kendall Gender as an Ambassador

In addition to her achievements on the global stage, Kendall Gender has assumed a crucial role closer to home. As the Vancouver Pride Ambassador, she embodies the spirit of the city’s LGBTQ2+ community, using her platform to promote unity and acceptance. Her presence at Pride events, fundraisers, and community gatherings has left an indelible mark, inspiring both young and old to embrace their true selves and celebrate their identities.

Don’t miss the 44th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade as 75 colleagues from the four Vancouver Fairmont Hotels will walk with pride with its signature parade float in tow, held on Sunday, August 6. “For me,” says Kendall, “the Pride Parade is always my favourite part. I am actually hosting it this year! It’s just so special and holds such a beautiful place in my heart and in the history of the community.”

Fairmont Hotels Pacific Northwest: Embracing Inclusivity

Kendall Gender’s association with Fairmont Hotels Pacific Northwest is a natural synergy of values. These sister hotels have long been a champion of inclusivity, offering warm and welcoming spaces for all guests. By appointing Kendall as Pride Ambassador, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts reinforces their commitment to creating an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters acceptance.

“This has been such a beautiful partnership, and I’m so honoured that Fairmont has welcomed me into the family. I think the coolest part of the partnership is that we are intertwined all year long; it’s not something that pops up during pride. We work together, and they support me and the queer community throughout the entire year,” says Kendall.

Happy Pride! #LoveandLuxuryForAll #ComeSleepWithUs

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